My final exam is finally over . Though there was no electricity during the first half hour but things got better when electricity came back . Accounting was quite easy but I did not know how to do some . My balance sheet could not balance and I kind of forgot how to do inventory stuff. Anyway , its time for me to rest for about three weeks before third sem starts . I could not sleep so well yesterday so I might go to bed early. Chinese New Year is around the corner therefore I am taking this oppotunity to wish all those celebrating happy chinese new year. I am not sure whether I want to celebrate today or just go online . It feels so good that I can do what I want now . I plan to set up a friendster account but I am not sure about it . I am stopping here. I dunno what to write.




2 Responses to “finally!”

  1. Ashley here~!
    Hurray~! Your finals are over?! Yay! (^_^)
    Indeed Chinese New Year is around the corner, I wish you the best too! Baa~ ^__^

  2. Thanks a lot . I hope that everything goes well for you. Gambatte in whatever you to!

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