today’s post

              Yesterday I slept quite late . I was busy clearing up my room. The Mc Donalds dinner and cyber cafe was my celebration after exam . I did not plan to watch any movies. These days I just cant live without music . Relaxing music and no rock  elementjust makes the whole day complete . Today I will be relaxing and doing some laundry before I go back this friday night . I seriously hope that my house already has internet connection . If not it will be so boring . Hopefully Telekom speed up their work . I visited Esther’s blog yesterday. It’s really great that she is now studying in Sydney but it made me feel stupid that I did not get any scholarship to study . Now I really regret not being active BUT maybe I am not so gifted as her or is this how my life was supposed to be. By the way I decorated my room for the 3rd sem yesterday . It was simple and in my opinion looks childish or shall I call it untitled piece. By the way , I would like to konw how to place you tube videos on my blog. Guide anybody?


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  1. to insert video’s from youtube. type the following:

    Understand? I hope that this can help you~ (^_^)


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