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meet you at live journal!

February 8, 2007

       Good day to all of you. With effect from Yesterday I have decided to establish a live journal account . Actually I find live journal quite interesting . Therefore , I hope to see you in my new blog . The link is . See you there though i might drop by at […]

today’s post

February 7, 2007

              Yesterday I slept quite late . I was busy clearing up my room. The Mc Donalds dinner and cyber cafe was my celebration after exam . I did not plan to watch any movies. These days I just cant live without music . Relaxing music and no rock  elementjust makes the whole day complete […]


February 6, 2007

          My final exam is finally over . Though there was no electricity during the first half hour but things got better when electricity came back . Accounting was quite easy but I did not know how to do some . My balance sheet could not balance and I kind of forgot how to do […]